Why Waste Energy on Wastewater?


Biological Double-efficiency Process (BDP) is an innovative, stable and highly efficient biological wastewater treatment technology.

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Leading Wastewater Treatment Technology

Biological Double-efficiency Process (BDP) solves a variety of serious wastewater problems and has become the emerging technology among industrial and municipal clients concerned about water quality.


BDP EnviroTech provides treatment solutions for all industries with wastewater concerns, including Mining, Manufacturing, Dyeing, Pharmaceutical, Refining, Chemical and more.


Remove up to 99% Ammonia Nitrogen, 95% COD and 95% Total Nitrogen from petrochemical effluent wastewater. We build to accommodate all upstream and downstream petroleum and chemical plants.


Remove up to 95% COD, 95% Total Nitrogen, and 75% Total Phosphorus from municipal wastewater. We accommodate flows ranging from 0.06 MGD to 300 MGD, serving both small towns and major cities.

Mobile System

Have a small water flow project or mobile wastewater treatment needs? For small flows of 32,000 GPD or lower, BDP EnviroTech can be built into mobile baker tanks for easy transportation to wherever you need them.


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Unique Technologies and Patents

The driven force behind the Biological Double-efficiency Process (BDP) is our unique technology and patents.

Microbiological Technology

Using low dissolved oxygen and high concentration activated sludge conditions, we can maximize the quantity of domesticated microorganisms in biological treatment tank.

Aeration Technology

We made an innovative improvement on aeration process that can provide uniform aeration, generate small bubbles, serve large surface area, and slow ascending speed.

Airlift Technology

By redesigning wastewater tanks to use air as lifting power, BDP Airlift Technology generates extremely high-flow pushing force with less than half of the energy consumption.

High Proportional Cyclic Dilution

Utilizing airlift technology, influent is circulated and diluted up to one thousand times, creating a stable water environment for the growth of microorganisms.

Rapid Clarification System

With a unique design, the rapid clarification system can separate sludge from water in a timely manner, while continuously circulating the sludge at the bottom of the aeration tank.

Integral Structure

BDP technology removes SS, COD, Nitrogen and Phosphorus all in one treatment tank. This simplifies the whole process and reduces the building footprint and overall operation costs.

Delightfully Efficient

Compared to conventional wastewater treatment processes,
BDP Technology provides significant reduction on your capital expenditures and operating expenses:


Less Land-use Footprint


Less Waste Sludge


Less Energy Consumption


Less Operational and Maintenance Cost


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Stay informed about ongoing BDP projects, events and company announcements, and get useful tips to help you reduce operating and discharge costs at your wastewater treatment operation.

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Emerging Technologies for Wastewater Treatment

by US Environmental Protection Agency (August 2013)

Outstanding Performance

As a 100% automatically controlled wastewater treatment process,
BDP EnviroTech has outstanding contaminant removal rates:


Ammonia-N Removal


COD Removal


Total Nitrogen Removal


Fully Auto Control

Who are our clients?

BDP EnviroTech offers an industry-focused partnership approach to environmental solutions, and coupled with cutting-edge technology and data-driven analytics, we have built a track record of success within the vertical markets we serve.

Doing Business with Us

BDP EnviroTech always seeks dynamic partners to bring extra value to our clients. We are a trusted business partner for Governmental Agencies, Research and Education Institutions, Distributors, Private Agencies and Commercial Organizations in Engineering, Consulting and Environmental Services.

Environmental Companies

BDP EnviroTech partners with leading environmental engineering and service companies all over the world to help their clients improve wastewater treatment performance and reduce operating and management costs.

Governmental Agencies

At BDP EnviroTech, we work closely with federal and local governmental agencies such as the US EPA, State Water Boards and Local Water Districts. By working with these agencies we aim to increase public awareness on regional wastewater issues and provide the public with the best technology available in the industry today.


For the last 10 years, BDP EnviroTech has been developing its operating model and dealer support network to improve ease and accessibility for our clients. We are currently searching for additional dealership partners.

Research Institutions

To help achieve its goal of improving wastewater treatment performance worldwide, BDP EnviroTech collaborates with research institutions to develop a better understanding of the mechanisms behind our technology and use what we have learned to help educate the next generation water experts.

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