BDP Carpeted Aeration System

Low Consumption, High Efficiency

Carpeted Aeration

Compared to conventional aeration systems, the BDP Carpeted Aeration System creates fine and evenly spaced bubbles, which thoroughly mix oxygen and bacteria to create perfect aeration conditions.

Lower DO - Better Bacteria Growth

With a lower dissolved oxygen environment than conventional processes, bacteria from the BDP Process have a robust growth rate, resulting in high efficiency contaminant adsorption and removal.

Non-Stop Diffuser Replacement System

Our flexible connections and balance systems are designed so you can replace single diffuser in as little as 10 minutes, completely avoiding the need for costly shutdowns or drainage, saving you both time and money.

Anti-Clogging Areation System

Through routine automatic maintenance, our “self-cleaning” Aeration System is designed to clear our clogged pores on a regular basis, reducing fouling effects and eliminating the need for manual cleaning, keeping your system up and running at maximum efficiency.

Unique Microbiological Treatment

We combine Nitrification and Denitrification into one simultaneous process in a single treatment unit by creating a unique biological environment of Low DO (0.3 mg/L) and High MLSS (8 g/L).

Nitrification and Denitrification

During treatment, the Nitrification Process transforms Ammonia-N to Nitrate, while the Denitrification Process transforms Nitrate to Nitrogen Gas. By carefully limiting the Diluted Oxygen concentration, the BDP Process successfully combines both of these processes together into one single unit. This unique process can achieve an Ammonia-N removal rate of up to 99% without adding additional carbon sources.

A Better Solution

Simultaneous Nitrification and De-nitrification process helps shorten the treatment process and reduce the carbon needs and oxygen consumption of the system.

Hydraulic Circulation Technology

Hydraulic Airlift Circulation Technology helps the BDP System dilute inlet wastewater and mix that water with circulated sludge in a timely manner.

Airlift Circulation

Instead of using conventional pumps or mixers, BDP’s patented Airlift Circulation System injects slow, steady streams of air into a confined shaft within the tank to create natural flow through hydraulic circulation. This process creates a perfect living environment for bacteria using a low volume of air (only 5% of blower capacity) and results in both a high dilution ratio and increased impact resistance.

Large Scale Circulation

By diluting wastewater inflow 20 times with circulated water, the feeding COD reduces to about 10% of its original concentration, therefore reducing the organic loading.

Small, Integrated, and Smart

The BDP System integrates multiple wastewater treatment units into one single integrated treatment tank, which simplifies the process flow, reduces land footprint, and cuts back on the need for pipeline. Most importantly, our system is fully auto-controlled and easy to operate and maintain.