Compact Wastewater Treatment Solution

A mobile solution for temporary wastewater treatment need. We put everything you need into one single baker tank.

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Project Description

The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Construction in China. Over 30 institutions and companies (including Siemens Water, GE Water, Veolia) from all over the world participated the project. BDP Enviro Tech was the only one awarded by reaching effluent TN below 15 mg/L.


a) Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools;
b) Living compounds, villages in the countryside;
c) Industrial wastewater.

Project Details

Client Jiangsu Government, China
Completion Date November, 2014
Treatment Capacity 120 m³/d (32,000 GPD)
Process Flow BDP Compact Tank
Key Words Portable, COD, NH3-N, TN

Parameters and Facts

  • CODCr 150-500 mg / L
  • BOD5 90-200 mg / L
  • TSS ≈400 mg / L
  • TN 50-100 mg / L
  • NH3-N 30-40 mg / L
  • pH 6~9
  • TP 6-14 mg / L
  • CODCr <45 mg / L
  • BOD5 <8 mg / L
  • TSS 7-15 mg / L
  • TN <15 mg / L
  • NH3-N 2-4 mg / L
  • pH 6~9
  • TP <0.5 mg / L

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