Printing and Dyeing Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant in Shaoxing

The Largest Dyeing Wastewater Treatment Facility in the World.

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Project Description

The wastewater is centralized from the primary treatment facility in Binhai printing and dyeing collecting zone, Shaoxing County.

Applying with BDP process, the wastewater is guaranteed to the discharge standards and the advantages in less total carbon footprint: 50% energy reduction, reduced construction investment, much lower operation cost, etc.


Project Details

Client Shaoxing Printing and Dyeing Industrial Park
Completion Date 2012
Treatment Capacity 200,000 m³/d (52,834,000 gpd)
Process Flow Grid – Coagulation – Sedimentation – BDP Basin
Key Words Printing and dying industrial park wastewater

Parameters and Facts

  • CODCr 1,300~2,400 mg / L
  • BOD5 400~800 mg / L
  • pH 7~10
  • CODCr 280 mg / L
  • BOD5 15 mg / L
  • pH 6~9
  • CODCr 80 mg / L
  • BOD5 3 mg / L
  • pH 6~9

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