Highlight: 7 Projects in Tongzhou District, Beijing, all new constructions of wastewater treatment plant ranged from 0.15 MGD to 1.25 MGD

With the development of new Beijing administrative center in Tongzhou district. Wastewater infrastructure is essential for the growth of the district. After rigorous screening of sewage treatment technology, Biological Double-Efficiency Process (BDP®) is selected by Beijing Capital as the main biological wastewater treatment process for seven projects in Tongzhou district. These seven newly constructed wastewater treatment plants range from 0.13 MGD to 1.32 MGD. As Tongzhou is highly populated, the BDP® process has a significant advantage over the conventional process with small footprint, low cost, and ability to achieve stringent discharge standard.

Beijing Capital Group Company Limited (Beijing Capital) is the largest water operator in China and one of the in the world that treats 1,100 MGD of wastewater and 5,280 MGD of water for the country. Beijing Capital has established its core business in water environment field. It started from traditional municipal water supply and sewage treatment business to the whole industry chain related to water resources, reclaimed water, desalination, and water management. At present, Beijing Capital has over 132 wastewater projects in more than 20 provinces and 80 cities.

Tongzhou District is a district located southeast of Beijing and considered the eastern gateway to the nation’s capital. With Tongzhou soon become the location for new Beijing administrative center in 2017, constructions in Tongzhou has entered a white-hot stage. Water planning became an important aspect of Tongzhou’s urban development and Beijing Capital plays a vital role for the water infrastructure.

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