City of Rialto, Veolia, and BDP EnviroTech Partner Under California Energy Commission Grant to Evaluate Promising Wastewater Treatment Plant Technology

Rialto, CA /PRNewswire/ – As California continues to pioneer energy-saving initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases, state and local officials gathered in Rialto today to witness the launch of one of the country’s most promising technologies under a demonstration project at the City of Rialto’s wastewater treatment plant.

Funded through a $1.56 million grant from the California Energy Commission, BDP EnviroTech will build and operate in partnership with Veolia a new technology developed by BDP designed to provide both substantial improvement in energy and water consumption when compared with traditional wastewater treatment technologies. Veolia operates the City of Rialto’s wastewater treatment plant and its water systems.

“The City of Rialto is proud to host this exciting project and to collaborate with Veolia to explore new ways to save water and energy while remaining compliant with some of the most stringent water quality rules in the country,” said Mayor Deborah Robertson.

“As the global leader in environmental services, Veolia works to improve communities’ water and wastewater operations and provide cost-efficient services. We are excited to work with BDP and share our expertise to realize the full potential of this innovative technology,” said John Gibson, president and COO of Veolia’s Municipal & Commercial business. “We look forward to finding even more ways to help the City of Rialto improve the efficiency of its wastewater treatment facility.”

“The Energy Commission is committed to increasing Energy Commission program benefits in California’s disadvantaged communities, and it is vitally important that we explore new ways to improve efficiency, save water and reduce energy consumption,” said California Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller. “Demonstration projects like this one could have positive long-term impacts not only for Rialto, but for all of California.”

The demonstration project will utilize easy to maintain aeration technology and an integrated all-in-one bioreactor process that results in 50% savings in energy, land footprint, operations and maintenance, and water use with a capital cost 30% less when compared to existing technologies, said Eric Li, CEO of BDP EnviroTech.

The demonstration project will be operated for 12 months before officials evaluate its success.

The demonstration project is coming online at the same time the City of Rialto is undergoing a major upgrade of its wastewater treatment plant. The repairs and improvements are being completed as part of a long-term concession agreement between the City and Rialto Water Services, which is operated by Veolia. The repairs and upgrades are needed to ensure the plant meets federal water quality discharge requirements for decades to come as well as to meet anticipated increased in treatment capacity.

The CEC Innovative Water and Energy Efficiency Demonstrations for the Commercial, Industrial or Water / Wastewater Sectors is one of the most challenging environmental award programs in the industry

About Rialto Water Services/Veolia
Rialto Water Services, LLC is the concessionaire overseeing a 30-year water and wastewater concession agreement reached in March of 2012 with the City of Rialto, CA. Launched in response to the City’s Request for Proposals in 2009, Rialto Water Services is owned by an affiliate of Ullico, the nation’s first labor-owned financial services company, and Table Rock Capital, and is committed to the long-term success of this groundbreaking arrangement. Working in close partnership with the concession’s operator – Veolia North America – RWS will oversee more than $41 million in long-needed upgrades to the water and wastewater infrastructure for the City. The City retains full ownership of all water and wastewater assets, ownership of its water rights and supply, and authority over all rate-setting. The City will work in daily alliance with Rialto Water Services and Veolia to ensure the concession is an enduring success for the residents of Rialtoand its future economic growth.

About BDP EnviroTech
BDP EnviroTech specializes in developing and applying the most advanced and patented mainstream biological wastewater treatment technology. Biological Double-Efficiency Process (BDP) technology has been carried out the pilot test study in Europe since the late 1990s. BDP EnviroTech installed BDP systems and established its R&D center in 2006. At present, it has become one of the most robust biological treatment technologies in the wastewater treatment industry.

The Biological Double-Efficiency Process is an important breakthrough for biological wastewater treatment, based on Simultaneous Nitrification / Denitrification (SND) principles. The BDP system combines state-of-the- art, easy to maintain Airlift Circulation and Carpet Aeration system with an integrated, all-in-one bioreactor technology, resulting in substantial reduction of capital and O&M costs, energy consumption and footprint required and water savings benefits.

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